hey,   I'm rushi  👋

A passionate Senior Software Engineer currently weaving magic at Cancer Research UK. With a heart devoted to technology and innovation, I thrive in the realm of AWS Serverless Event Driven Architecture, Next.js, Node.js, and TypeScript. 🌟

Tech Enthusiast & AWS Community Builder 👷

In the vast digital universe, I've found my niche as an AWS Community Builder since 2023. I specialize in crafting seamless and scalable solutions using cutting-edge technologies. I'm not just a coder; I'm a tech visionary on a mission to revolutionize the digital landscape.

Educational Odyssey 📚

I embarked on my educational journey at the prestigious University of Roehampton, where I earned my Masters of Computing. My foundation in Computer Science was laid at Gujarat Technological University, where I completed my Bachelors of Engineering. These academic milestones have equipped me with the knowledge and skills to tackle complex challenges head-on.

Let's Connect! 🌐

I believe in the power of collaboration and networking. Whether you're a fellow enthusiast, a prospective collaborator, or someone with a shared love for sneakers and cricket, I'm always up for a conversation. Let's explore the endless possibilities that technology and passion bring!